Political Essay

Sheryl Cole is a candidate to be mayor in Austin, TX. Sheryl uses her website to help and persuade people on why they should vote for her. “One Austin United Moving Forward” On Sheryl’s website Sherylforaustin.com, she uses her to give verbal and visual messages to help persuade voters. Sheryl uses logos, pathos, and ethos to make her case for her candidacy.

Sheryl’s intended audience is voters in Austin, more specifically towards voters who care about the environment, education, social justice, and how to keep Austin affordable. When you first go on Sheryl’s homepage, the top left you see her logo which is in colors blue and green, and a green leaf with a star in the middle. The green leaf with the star is most likely there to show the voter that she cares about Austin and the environment. As you scroll down her website there is a slide show of her supporters, her meeting some of her voters, and children holding up her campaign sign. You can also sign up to volunteer for her campaign such as calling voters, hosting campaign parties, stuffing envelopes, etc. Sheryl wants her voters to get involved.

This candidate uses logos by having debates, arguments, and articles over topics such as mobility, quality of life, education. She talks in the articles and uses facts to state her argument. Sheryl also gives ideas on how we would fix these issues.

Sheryl uses ethos to establish credibility by stating in the paragraph about her, Sheryl is very involved in her community which is why she is all about the environment as well. Sheryl was also elected multiple times for city council. She also has her B.A in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. This show that Sheryl is an Austin nite, she has been here and has stayed in Austin to become something.

Sheryl uses pathos by sharing with us that she is family oriented having a husband Kevin Cole who is an Austin attorney and having three beautiful children. Sheryl is also involved with the David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. When you go to the home page as I said in the second paragraph you can see all of her voters/supporters holding up her campaign sign, I noticed that they are all different races. She is a well-rounded individual that most people no matter what race you are will like.

I believe that this campaign site is very effective for the intended audience. I think it is important for people to understand that there is a person underneath the skin and some politicians make sure you only see the right things and don’t make anything personal. Sheryl is on a personal level she tells us about herself and beliefs. She also shares her opinion on topics. Maybe some people don’t believe in some of the things that she does but doesn’t every candidate running for mayor. I believe that she is on the right track and she is doing what is best for Austin so why wouldn’t you vote for her?