Dear Mrs. Dille

Dear Mrs. Dille,

During our class today I was asked by freshman students who would maybe one day also be taking your AP English class their Junior year. I was asked “Has your approach to writing changed during this course?” I said ‘Yes, because you have to truly understand what you are writing about to make it a good essay. You need details and a hook.’

“How has your approach about reading changed this semester?” My approach to reading has honestly stayed the same, I don’t really choose to read unless I have nothing else to do. It doesn’t come naturally to me, I wish I could say otherwise. My attitude about reading has changed a lot, I realize that reading and knowledge is power. In my book that I have been reading I learned how petrified wood is actually formed. How cool!

Having to write all semester every time that I am in class has really changed my attitude about writing. Yes, writing about arguments and having them have to be three pages or more is of course difficult but manageable. I don’t struggle with it as much as I would have in the beginning of the year. I have grown to expand my vocabulary and that will definitely help me in the future.

The piece of writing that I am most proud of is both of my political essays because spending class periods and after school researching to have a good essay and proof, an argument, and to get the point across takes time and I definitely did, Which makes me very proud of those pieces of writing.

I would characterize myself as a reader, I am more strong at reading and still like to read things that interest me and relate to things that are going on in my life at the time. As a writer, I am for sure stronger at writing. I have learned to write and get the reader involved. I might still ramble on but I can fix that with time and practice.

I feel like I preformed good but not amazing. I could have put all of my effort in somethings that I just did not. But overall I feel really good that I came into this AP English class not taking a Pre-Ap class, I am proud of myself for adjusting to the change.

At the beginning of the semester I has somewhat of a clue of what pathos, ethos, and logos were but I really wasn’t sure. Now I have them down. I know how to write a rhetorical essay that gives an argument, detail, etc…  I know about diction, connotative language and much more!

If I had a chance to re-do this class I would have put 100% effort into all of the essays I had to write, even though I made good grades and made A’s to just know that I put everything I had into those essays and classwork I would have felt so much better about the work and assignments.

My goals for the next semester is to work hard and pass the AP test!!! The suggestions I have for improving this class would be to pick our own books and to write about fun things such as a fun topic or a made up story of our own would be super fun!


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