Satirical Article

If you don’t have a “Bae” then who are you? In our world today not having “bae” is a real issue and a struggle for some people. Not having a “Bae” can ruin your high school reputation. Coming up on Valentines soon, if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend by that special day get yourself a “bae” a “bae” can be anything from Nutella, your best friend, or even your bed!

We interviewed some high school students who don’t have that significant other. We interviewed stripped sweater, we asked her various questions such as “what will you be doing on valentines?” she said “I will be at home doing nothing because I don’t have a boyfriend.” Now how sad is that? We told her to get a “bae” it could be anything that you love.” Stripped sweater replies “So I could call pizza my bae?” “Yes! Anything!” We let stripped sweater go back to class and we came back to interview her weeks later. “So stripped sweater how is your life now that you have a bae?” “My life is amazing I’ve eaten pizza every day for the past two months and now my stripped sweaters are more like stripped crop tops!

Well that just goes to show that getting a “bae” helps your life in the most positive ways!


4 thoughts on “Satirical Article

  1. I think your targets are the people who don’t have a “bae”. It was funny how the issue you brought to light was valentines day and how people get lonely… so “get a bae !” The satirical tools you seemed to use were ridicule by presenting something and making it funny instead of sad. I think your hoping your audience to realize that its okay to not have that significant other for valentines, you can just find a way to make your valentines better by substituting it with something random……i think.


  2. I think the target are people who think they’re funny when they say “bae” or “relationship goals.”

    I believe the issue she is trying to shed light on is a trend that a lot of people say or follow.

    The satirical tools she uses are sarcasm and irony.

    I believe she is trying to get people to realize how stupid these sayings are, and to get people to stop.

    Yes, the article did work for me. It was clear and I understood what it was pointing at.


  3. Is your target highschool students without a “bae”. I like how you’re laughing at people that care about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. I like the way you use the irony, to make your point even stronger. Are you hoping for me to realize that you don’t need a “bae” to be happy, because if it is then you’re right on point. This article works for me. You should add fake research to make your article look more believable.


  4. Jacy, your target is clear (the term “bae”), but I’m not sure what exactly your folly is. Are you laughing at people that use the word, people that don’t have a bae, people that refer to anything/everything as a bae? I think you could clear it up a little by maybe elaborating some more on your topic. Your intro is really strong and gives a good start to your paper, and your first body paragraph is good, too. It includes some fake quotes like we talked about in class and laughs at how “getting a bae” (even though it’s just pizza) brings “happiness” to striped sweater’s life. But because you just leave off after that, it leaves me wondering what else you have to say about the topic — and what exactly the topic is?

    I think when you revise, if you nail down exactly what you want to say about “bae” and people that have/don’t have a “bae”, your paper will become much clearer. Keep working at it. Also, I think you’re trying to say “striped” sweater, and not “stripped” sweater (unless you mean to say the student was indeed… naked!)

    I’m looking forward to how you rework and add some to your article to make it stronger!


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