Book blog #2 

pg. 30-77

Eleanor and park

The thing that impressed me the most about these pages is that park packs comic books to give Eleanor.  They also connect by that and music which is super cute! 


Rhetorical Summary

Help for Victims of Crooked Schools, An editorial that States that some schools are charging students way more and students to take out private loans to cover expensive tuition costs by advertising bogus job prospects and career service. The author supports this claim by depriving students of the education they promise and that the students deserve. The author proceeds to show that by potential students — including veterans, single parents, and first-time higher education seekers — promising jobs and high earnings, and preying on their hopes in an effort to secure federal funds. The authors purpose is to show that schools are in it for the money and not always to help the education of students. The author establishes a tone for future college students.

Book blog #1 

Eleanor and Park:  

Park is a boy who is smart and gets lost in his music when he doesn’t want to deal with the world, which is most of the time. 

Eleanor is a red headed “freak” who just moved into a new house and rides the school bus and has to sit next to park, they don’t talk to eachother. She is very awkward and hasn’t figured herself out yet.