Black Culture is not the problem 

 The main claim and argument is that it is not black culture starting these problems it’s the people who are intimidated and scared of them from what they have heard. She/he supports his/her claim by stating in Baltimore “white cops, black suspects, black corpes.” Police officers are shooting and killing unarmed people. 

 He/she proceeds to show that by stating they saw, in the words of Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, “thugs” or in the words of president Obama “thugs and criminals.” Not all colored people are those things people portray them to be. 

 He/she finally argues that when black people of influence make these arguments, it’s hard for them to question Baltimore they way they had questioned Ferguson. 

 He/she has a tone of educating that not all black people are “thugs” and “criminals” instead we lionize the mother in Baltimore who went up one side and down the other for her rioting son. “The parents need to take more control of their children.” The video also shows that violence is the best way to get wayward black peoples under control. 


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