Rhetorical essay

The big problem with the new SAT:

 The main claim this argument is making us that the “new and improved” SAT will require students to demonstrate in depth knowledge of subjects they study in school. The test is taking steps forward to becoming a test of curriculum mastery. 

 He/she supports this claim by stating that the test will be more straight forward material that students encounter in the classroom, and will move away from the difficult language.

 While there is clear improvement the revised SAT remains problematic. The test still has the speed factor to it. writing is a very important skill for college and that will now be optional. 

 He/she finally argues that is SAT is designed to rank students rather than measure them on what they actually know. The test is also designed to have a “bell curve” by using distractors to make the multipolar choice items more difficult. 

 He/she has a tone of informing/concerned. They are revising this test, but are they really making it better? Colleges are still going to require students to take the writing portion. The “distractors” are only making students suffer on the test. 


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