Magazine Ad Project

project ad

Our experiment was to “test” the smash-box foundation on different skin types to see if it did what the ad really said it would do like by it saying “Totally natural, luminous finish.” We were to test the product on three different skin colors.

Constant- Use the same skin type, same brushes, and the product will be applied the same way for each person.

Control Group- The control group is buying the same foundation, applying it the same way.

Independent Variable- The independent variable is the foundations capability to adjust colors. The Smash-box foundation is measured by FL ounces. The IV groups that are being tested are that it will even out skin tone while having a luminous finish. We will repeat this trial three times for each skin tone.

Hypothesis- If you wear the Smash-box Liquid Halo foundation, then you will look flawless because the foundation is totally natural and gives you a luminous finish.

Dependent Variable- The DV is three different women with different skin tones.

What I learned from this project was that not all foundations are for everyone, many people have different skin tones and also everyone is a different color shade. For this to be everyone’s foundation it would need to be tested multiple times.