Fly Cycle Hypothesis

From the text book and my prediction, I think that this experiment will be shorter than the book claims. The reason for my hypothesis being this way is because we have to take in to matter that we live in Texas. Yes, it’s fall but it still feels like summer. It will be hot for most of October and humid. Since it will be warmer, the smell of the decomposing chicken will become more apparent and will attract more flies. Meaning the decomposition period will become shorter.

How I will collect this data will be to go to Mr. Cater’s classroom every other day. Take pictures of the chicken and write down any observations.


Evidence in the Crime Scene

One evening Joe and his friend Steve we hanging out. They got bored and decided to go walk their dogs. It was about 6:30pm when they decided to go out. Joe thought it would be a good idea to go on a hike and bike trail that was at the end of their neighborhood. Off they went into the trail.  There was a split in the trail one direction going north and the other east. Joe said “Lets go to the east trail” Steve agreed and off they went. As they were walking enjoying their evening they came across light smell that was with the wind. “It smells like something is dead” said Joe. Steve and Joe didn’t think much about the smell and kept walking. They both walked about half a mile and they smell hit them, stronger than ever. Both of them nearly barfed. “What is that awful smell? Said Steve, “I have never smelled that before.” Both of Joe and Steve’s dogs were pulling on their leashes to track down the smell. Joe and Steve came across a bush. What they found in the bush was hard to believe. They found a decapitated head, Shoe prints, a knife with blood on it, a cell phone, alcohol can, and a sandal. 


cell phone - evidenceevidence

Physical Evidence- The shoe, shoe print, knife, can of alcohol, decapitated head Direct Evidence- Would be the gashes in the persons decapitated head. These are facts, such as there is a knife that did the damage, this is direct proof and facts. Indirect/Circumstantial Evidence- It can be inferred that alcohol had something to do with this murder or other drugs. Class Evidence-  A women did this with a size 9 shoe
Individual Evidence- This would be with one person, we don’t really know who did this because there isn’t anything that is there just by the picture, we could find DNA by the shoe, knife, and beer can.

Eyewitness Testimony in Forensic Science

In our video we passed around different objects and a random object comes into picture to make you rethink your observation. Once the random object comes into focus you loose count on how many object were passed from person to person. Just like in the video where the basketball has been passed around and you had to count how many times it was passed. selective attention This is important to the forensics of an eyewitness testimony, because sometimes you can’t focus on everything that is happening all at once. Some people could have seen something completely eyewitness identification.

According to wikipedia, an eyewitness testimony is when a witness is in the courtroom and tells his/her side of the story and what they saw at the time of the crime, this eyewitness testinmony could also happen years later from the actual crime.