Determine height, angle, and point of orgin

In this lab blood spatter analysis is the examination of shapes, locations, and distribution patterns of bloodstains in order to discover what events lead to the blood loss. The major assumption is that bloodstains and bloodstain patterns are characteristics of the forces that have created them.

Diameter vs. height graph

In this graph you can see the correlation of the points of mainly being a positive scatter plot graph but the graph only became positive when the angle of impact became smaller. Comparing our results to the conventional wisdom which is that higher heights will lead to a  larger diameter. In our experiment we discovered that the diameter of our blood droplets did increase in diameter  the higher we got to dropping them.Blood Spatter Lab

diameterscatter plot

In the lab Width/Length VS Angle, The goal of the lab was to see the different angles of blood spatter. We found that the small angle and degree the longer length and shower width of the spatter.

As you can see in the pictures above the steeper our angle the longer and wider our blood spatters became.

To determine the direction of the blood you need to have a ruler and draw a straight line from the tail down, doing that to each blood droplet and it will point to where it originated. That is the same with determining the area of convergence. The direction and area of convergence is important to the blood spatter because the tail determines where the point of origin is to the blood. The area of the blood spatter shows you if it was a deep wound or not by the size and diameter of the droplet.img_1612

From this experiment I have learned that the further from the ground the blood drops the bigger the blood spatter. Also, if blood drops from an angle there will be a tail pointing from the point of origin.


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