Writing Argument

I am addressing the teenagers ages 14-19 of America today, this is my intended audience because we are the future. The situation in my argument is…, Are worse events such as the Ferguson event happening around America but aren’t being reported by the mainstream media? I was going to attempt to bring this argument into social media since that is how the Ferguson event was brought about.

The purpose of my argument is to make a point, is the regular mainstream media reporting these events or do the people have to make the difference? I want the audience to feel empowered and feel that if we we do this together, we can make a difference around the world. I believe if we can do this the world will be a better and more peaceful place for our children to grow and live.

My main point is to really grasp a feel for the other events that are going on that the mainstream media isn’t reporting and that social media is. So my question is, Are their worse events occurring unsaid by the mainstream media?

I employ to persuade my audience by making them feel a certain way about how the mainstream media is sugar-coating the horrible events happening in America. The current events happening today is fitting my audience and purpose.


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